Reishi Mushroom PE 4:1

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Product Name:  Reishi Mushroom PE 4:1

Botanical Name:  Ganoderma lucidum.

Part Used: Fruit Body

Code: KJ3104

Country of Origin:  China

Uses:  The reishi mushroom is rich in germanium, a mineral that consumes it makes the pain disappear just like if you take morphine, but without losing consciousness. For this reason it is used in cancer treatments. This mineral improves the performance of interferon, a protein produced naturally by our immune system in response to pathogens such as viruses and cancer cells. It also favors the action of NK cells, natural killer or T lymphocytes, which destroy tumor cells or virus infected by inducing suicide or apoptosis. For this reason reishi recovers the immune reaction, in addition is a super antioxidant, antiviral, depurative and protective liver. It improves blood circulation (which benefits against coronary insufficiency, hemorrhoids, prevents heart attacks, unravels arteries, fights arteriosclerosis, obesity, improves sexual performance, etc.), helps treat anxiety, high blood pressure, bronchitis, flu, insomnia and asthma, performs anti-allergenic activity, is anti-inflammatory, relaxes the nervous system and muscles (support against depression, nervous tension and neurosis), improves mood, reduces blood pressure.

The price above is for a 1 kg. (2.2 lbs.) R&D sample (smaller samples available upon request).

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